ENGR 338: Digital Electronics (Laboratory), Spring 2021

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**LtSpice is available in SFH760: Open My PC - C Drive - Program Files - LTC, you can find LTSpice there, right click on the icon, and create a shortcut onto your desktop.

Feb 2, 
Lab 1 Review of Superposition, Thevenin's Equivalent Circuit, and LTSpice. Due Feb 8, Monday 10 pm.
Morning Session: video, notes
Afternoon Session: video, notes
Feb 9, Lab 2
Design an R-2R DAC. Due Feb 15, Monday 10 pm.
Morning Session: video
Feb 16, Lab 3 Layout the R-2R DAC. Due Feb 22, Monday 10 pm.
Morning Session: video, notes
Feb 23, Lab 4 MOSFETs and IV Curves. Due Mar 1, Monday 10 pm
Mar 2, Lab 5 The Inverter. Due Mar 8, Monday 10 pm
Mar 9 (Mar 16 is the career day, classes are cancelled),  Lab 6 Build a NAND, NOR, XOR, and Full Adder. Due Mar 22, Monday 10 pm
video, notes
Mar 23, Lab 7 Using Buses in ElectricVLSI. Due Apr 5, Monday 10 pm. (this is supposed to be a 1-week lab but I mislabeled it as a 2-week lab in the tutorial. I'll give you two weeks to turn this in but we will start a new lab next week anyway).
Mar 30 and Apr 6, Lab 8 Design a MUX, and a High-Speed Full Adder. Due Apr 12, Monday 10 pm

Apr 13 and Apr 20, Lab 9 Design an 8-Bit ALU. Due Apr 26, Monday 10 pm


Download LTSpice here

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