CE 351 Microcontrollers, Spring 2022 (Syllabus)
1/24/2022 - 5/6/2022
Lectures: MWF: 10:10 AM - 11:05 AM, BH570
Office Hours: Tuesdays, 8 - 11 am, and 1:30 - 4:30 pm from 1/24 - 5/6, in BH601.

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Student lab reports
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Student Labs


Lectures (Group 1)
Week 1 Jan 24 Power Supply Circuit for MCUs
PCB design (gerber files) is due Monday, 2/7 (by the end of the day)
and a brief report of the PCB design

Jan 26 Work on the PCB design
video was not recorded (sorry about that)

Jan 28 Work on the PCB design

Week 2 Jan 31 Work on the PCB design

Feb 2 Work on the PCB design

Feb 4 Work on the PCB design

Week 3 Feb 7 LEDs and SSDs
Arduino Basics
ATMEGA 328p datasheet
HW1 due today!!!!
Report is due Monday, 2/21

Feb 9 The shift register chip '595'
video, notes

Feb 11 Work on HW2

Week 4 Feb 14 Work on HW2

Feb 16
Work on HW2

Feb 18
Work on HW2

Week 5 Feb 21 LCDs and Sensors I

Report is due Monday, 3/7

Feb 23 Work on HW3

Feb 25 Work on HW3

Week 6 Feb 28 Work on HW3

Mar 2
PCB soldering/testing
PCB soldering and testing
due Monday, 3/7

Mar 4
PCB soldering and testing/Work on HW3

Week 7 Mar 7
PID Control with Photocells

Report is due Monday, 3/14

Mar 9
Work on HW5

Mar 11
Midterm Exam

Week 8 Mar 14

The Four-Wheel Smart Robot Car

Report is due Monday, 3/28

Mar 16
Work on HW6

Mar 18
Work on HW6

Week 9 Mar 21
Spring Break
Midterm grades due 3/21

Mar 23
Spring Break

Mar 25
Spring Break

Week 10 Mar 28
ATMega 328 Advanced Applications
(IOT, ESP8266, and Thingspeak)
Burn the bootloader to the NANO board
Report and PCB design gerber files are due Friday 4/15

Mar 30
Work on HW7

Apr 1
Work on HW7

Finish tasks 1 and 2 (due Sunday 4/3)
Week 11 Apr 4
Work on HW7

Apr 6
Work on HW7

Apr 8
Work on HW7
Finish tasks 3 and 4
Week 12 Apr 11
Work on HW7

Apr 13
Work on HW7
Finish task 5

Apr 15
Advanced IoT Devices (ESP32) I
Part 1, Part 2
Accelerometer and the I2C protocol
Report and PCB design gerber files are due Monday 5/2
Week 13 Apr 18
Work on HW8

Apr 20
Work on HW8

Apr 22
Work on HW8
Finish tasks 1-9 in Part 1
Week 14 Apr 25
Work on HW8

Apr 27
Work on HW8

Apr 29
Work on HW8
Finish Part 2
Week 15
May 2
MSP430 Basics: tutorial 1, tutorial 2
ST32 Basics: tutorial 1

Report due Monday 5/9

Complete the teaching evaluation and send me the certificate for credits. Thank you!
Due Wed 5/4

May 4
Work on HW9

May 6
Work on HW9

Week 16
May 9
No Lecture

May 11
Final Exam
9:45 - 11:45 am

May 13
Course Project Report is Due
Course Project Report is Due

Course Project:
1. Solder ONE ESP32 board you designed. (25 points)
2. The board must be powered up by a 1-cell Lipo battery. (25 points)
3. You must make a charging circuit to demonstrate the rechargability of the system. Use 2 Lipo battery cells and regulaters to charge the 1-cell small Lipo through a charging module (No customized PCB needed, you can use the charging module provided to you). (25 points)
4. Demonstrate the functionality of the soldered board ESP32/sensor board - rechargability, data transmission and display. Write a report to include all these information. (25 points)