Lab 4 Combinational Logic Blocks (updated 2/23/2022)

1. Think about how many states the two-way traffic lights may have for each cycle. The green light on one side truns yellow and then turns red before the other light changes to green from red.

Draw the truth table for all the states in one cycle of the traffic light change. Simplify the logic equations for each light using the K map. Design the Verilog model and the testbench, show the simulation results in Vivado. Use 6 leds on your Basys 3 board to implement the design. Show the demo video for credits. (50 points)

2. Design the Verilog models of one even parity generator (3-bit message with 1 parity bit) and one even parity checker. Put these two models in one chip, use 'wires' to make connections. Design a testbench to feed some binary numbers into the whole block and verify the functionality of the system in vivado simulation. Implement it on your Basys3 board, use switches as inputs and use LEDs as outputs. Show simulation and board demo videos for credits. (50 points)