1. Assume you allready have Tektronix TDS 2014C, USB cable, oscilloscope probe and a PC with MatLab 'instrument toolbox'  installed. Download TEKVISA CONNECTIVITY SOFTWARE, V4.0.0 and restart your computer.
2. Using the 5V, 1kHz test signal as the input to the oscilloscope.
3. Connect the rear USB cable to a PC, then open your MatLab. These two steps sometimes are order sensitive.
4. Press 'Utility' - 'options' - 'Rear USB part computer'. (If this step is missed, it won't be connected to the PC).
5. Type 'tmtool' in the command window. Under the MATLAB Instrument Drivers, if tektronix_tds2014.mdd is not there, you need to download it from here. After you downloaded the driver, it should be put under the following path:

6. Right click the corresponding driver, and 'Create Device Object Using Driver..'


7. Then click on the object and connet the oscilloscope to the PC:

8. Export the data and plot at the workspace.