Benchling and The NCBI
Nic Theobald Yilectronics


First, go to the benchling website ( and create an account using your school email.

Click the plus icon > DNA sequence > New DNA Sequence

The new project will look like this.

Selecting Gene Sequence:

First, go to the NCBI website (

Choose Gene from the drop down and enter in the gene you want to search for. I chose MC1R, for human hair color.

Select the gene.

Look for "CCDS" on the page. If you have trouble finding it, search for it using ctrl+f.

Copy the entire nucleotide sequence and paste it into benchling.

Now that benchling has the DNA sequence, you can determine the primers you need.

Then, go back to the sequence map and select any 20 in the sequence. Then go back to the design primer tab and click set from selection  > Forward. Add "TCCTCA" to the end of the forward primer. Name and save.

Select Primers, again. Click create primers > Manual.

Use the same process as before.

Select "Reverse," name, and save.

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