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Cheyenne Tucson

Department of Physics and Engineering, Fort Lewis College
1000 Rim Drive, Durango, CO 81301


Computer Engineering


Cheyenne became a student at Fort Lewis College (FLC) in the fall of 2018. She graduated high school in 2014 with her cosmetology license in South Carolina, and has recieved reciprocity in New Mexico and Colorado. Over the course of her career in the beauty industry, she began to realize that her love for hair was rooted in the science behind the sceen. She is no longer practicing cosmetology along side her studies as she has been working on projects relating to the computer engineering field. Her interest in the computer engineering field stems from her curiosity and infatuation with electronics as a teenager. Cheyenne started working for Dr. Yiyan Li's lab in the summer of 2020. She has worked on projects related to robotics, analog/digital circuit design, embedded systems, and web development. Through these projects, she has expanded her knowledge of DC circuitry, learned various practical skills for designing circuits, gained experience in designing for clients, and further realized her passion for robotics, circuit design, and embedded systems.
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Projects and Related Presentations

Web Repository and Interactive Map for Borders and Languages (BL190)

This project involved deep learning (X)HTML and CSS to create an open source web repository of necessary resources to teach the Borders and Language course. The web site was created to the liking and requirements of Dr. Carolina Alonso with content provided by Dr. Alonso. She is also hosting the website on her faculty FLC webspace. You can visit the webpage here.

Completing the Labs for CE Junior Design (CE 315)

This project involved completing the labs for the CE Junior Design class (CE315) to learn the basics of how to use ATMega328P MCUs how they work. This involved learning more about analog and digital circuit design, and how to use microcontrollers.

Line Following Car Tutorials for a new First Year Launch course taught by Dr. Yiyan Li

This project involved optimizing component placement for efficiency, analog-to-digital circuit design, creating an instruction manual/tutorial, and becoming aquainted with the PCB design process.

Course Work

ENGR 338   -   Digital Electronics

CE 351   -   Microcontrollers