ENGR 338: Digital Electronics (Laboratory), Spring 2019

Dr. Yiyan Li, Office Hours:

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Jan 10, Lab 1, Spice/RC Circuit for Digital Signal/Edit your webpage to report the lab results.
Jan 17, Lab 2, More Spice and Compensated Probe for Digital Signal Probing.
Jan 24, Lab 3, The inverter, IV characteristics of NMOS/PMOS Use ICs.
Jan 31, Lab 4, Logic gates.

Feb 7, Lab 5, Seven segment display.
Feb 14 and Feb 21, Lab 6, Adders (2-week lab),
Feb 28, Lab 7, The Decoder (Design a traffic light controller).
Mar 7, Lab 8, The Flip Flops.
Nar 14, Lab 9, Introduction to FPGA.
Mar 21, Lab 10, More FPGA Experiments.
Mar 28 - Apr 11, Projects.

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