ENGR337 Lab 2018 Spring
Lab 1
Lab equipment and edit your webpage for your lab report. Due Jan 15, Monday 10 pm. 

Outcome of this lab:
1. Be familiar with the lab equipment.
2. Can edit your webpage and report your lab results to the website.

**The function generator has a 50 ohm output impedance internally. The displayed Vpp on the generator is only half of the signal that outputs. You need to use a 50 ohm resistor to bridge the Positive and Negative outputs of the generator to divide the signal back to normal. (If the generator is running in the '50 ohm' mode).

1. Watch the tutorial here if you don't know how to use the oscilloscope, function generator, multimeter, and the power supply.
2. Watch the tutorial here about how to report your lab results.

Do the following experiments and show the reults in your lab report.
1. Use an oscilloscope to show the calibration square wave from the oscilloscope itself. Use an USB drive to save the waveform. Report the amplitude and frequency you saw on the scope. Make sure the square wave looks nice and clean.

2. Use a function generator to create a '100 kHz', '2 Vpp' sine wave and use the oscilloscope to show the waveform. Save the waveform in your USB drive and report the results.

3. Use a breadboard to make the following voltage divider. Use the function generator to generate a 10 kHz, 1 Vpp sine wave, and probe Vin and Vout in two different channels of the oscilloscope. Save the waveforms and report them.

Follow the lab report guidelines to avoid losing points.