Lab 6 Integrate the Line Follower circuit onto a PCB board (2-week lab)

Outcome of this lab:
1. Be able to design a application specific PCB.
2. Be able to submit the PCB board files for fabrication.
3. Be able to test the PCB on a Robot Car.

Tasks 1: Complete all the PCB tutorials here before you start working on anything in this lab. Make snapshots demonstrate that you have completed the schematic and layout.

Task 2: Convert your line follower circuit into a PCB board. Once it is done, ask the instructor to review it and submit it for fabrication.

Task 3: Solder the components onto your PCB and test it on the Robot car. Show snapshots of your schematics, layouts, and videos of the demonstration for credit.

Fee free to refer to the lab reports from the past year.

I went through the PCB design steps in one of the lectures last year.

Examples of the schematics, layouts, and PCBs from the past: