ENGR201 Lab 2019 Fall
Lab 2
Using LTSpice for circuit simulation.
Outcome of this lab:
1. Be familiar with LTSpice and spice code.
2. Be more familiar with the lab equipment.


1. Build the following circuit in LTSpice using three different methods: 1) Write the spice code in an external .txt file. 2) Write the spice code in LTSpice but write it in the '.op' option. 3) Build the circuit using electrical symbols in the library directly.

2. Calculate the Current I and Voltage Vout use 'Ohm's Law', verify your calculation use both simualtion and multimeter measurement on a breadboard.

Have your simulation figures and your multimeter readings in your report. Put all the different data in a table for comparison.

3. Do a DC Sweep for V1 in LTSpice only. The DC sweep starts from 0 V stops at 10 V, display the result of V1 and Vout on your simulation result. Show it in your report.

4. The power consumption of a circuit is P=VxI (the unit is Watt). What is the power consumption of the ciruit both in theory and in real-life?

5. Calculate current I and Vout of the following circuit. Verify the calculation using simulation and multimeter measurement on a breadboard.

6. After you are done with all the experiments, you must pass the technical interview with me in person before you leave.

** Report your results (with figures and texts) on the website.

Follow the lab report guidelines to avoid losing points.