ENGR 201: Electric Networks I (Laboratory), Fall 2018

Dr. Yiyan Li, Office hours: MWF: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, starting Aug 27.

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Student lab reports
Download Filezilla or just simply use Windows Explorer for the FTP purposes.
HTML templates can be downloaded here.
Please follow the lab report format shown here to avoid losing points.

**LtSpice is available in SFH760: Open My PC - C Drive - Program Files - LTC, you can find LTSpice there, right click on the icon, and create a shortcut onto your desktop.

Aug 28, Lab1 Lab equipment and edit your webpage for your lab report. Due Sep 3, Monday 10 pm.
Sep 4, Lab 2 Using LTSpice for circuit simulation. Due Sep 10, Monday 10 pm.
Sep 11, No labs.
Sep 18, Lab 3 Verify the Mesh Current Method on a Breadboard & the Introduction of The Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). Due Sep 24, Monday 10 pm.
Sep 25, Lab 4 Introduction to the Robot Design Project (Make a Light Follower) (Complete Task 1 AND Task 2 in the Robot Design Project). Due Oct 1, Monday 10 pm.
A short instruction video for the first two tasks. 
Oct 2, Lab 5 Complete Task 3 in the Robot Design Project. (Apply it to the robot car).
Due Oct 15, Monday 10 pm.
A short instruction video for the 3rd task. For Session I.
A short instruction video for the 3rd task. For Session II.
Oct 9, Keep working on Lab 5 if yours did not work. No labs for the worked ones. Due Oct 15, Monday 10 pm.
Oct 16, Lab 6 Operational Amplifiers. Due Oct 22, Monday 10 pm.
Oct 23, Lab 7 Soldering and Capacitors. Due Oct 29, Monday 10 pm.

The schedule of the remaining labs may be modified upon the progress of the lectures.
Lab 8 Inductors and Boost Converters.
Lab 9 Frequency Response and Voltage Multipliers.

Lab 10 PCB design using Eagle PCB I.
Lab 11 PCB design using Eagle PCB II.
Robot design. Final Report due: Dec 7, Friday 10 pm.


Download LTSpice here

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