Homeworks are due at the Beginning of the lecture on the due date.
The Homework Package can be found here. (Refresh your browser before you click this link. If it still doesn't work, press ctrl+shift+delete on your keyboard and clear the data in the most recent 7 days to clear out the buffering data in the memory of your browser).

Weeks Dates Lectures Notes Homework
Week 1 Aug 27 Intro to electrical components and webpage edit for lab reports
video, notes
HW1: Chapter 1: 1-4, due Wed
(print out the paper and work on the paper)
Aug 29 Voltage, current, voltage divider, and LTSpice
video, notes
HW2: Chapter 1: 5, 6, 8, and 9, due Mon
Aug 31 Summary, more LTSpice, examples, and quiz
video, notes
Quiz 1
Week 2 Sep 3 Kirchhoff's voltage law (KVL)
Kirchhoff's current law (KCL)
video, notes
HW3: Chapter 1: 10 and 13, due Wed
Sep 5 KVL and KCL II
video, notes
Quiz 2 HW4: Chapter 1: 15 and 16, due Friday
Sep 7 Summary and examples
video, notes

HW5: Chapter 1: 14 and 17, due Wednesday
Week 3 Sep 10 Parallel resistors and current dividers
video, notes

HW6: Chapter 1: 18 and 19, due Wednesday
Sep 12 Superposition
video, notes
Quiz 3 HW7: Chapter 2: 1, due Friday
Sep 14 The Mesh Current method
video, notes

HW8: Chapter 2: 3, due Wednesday
Week 4 Sep 17 More Mesh Current Method and Super-Mesh, and Dependent source
video, notes

HW9: Chapter 2: 4 and 6, due Wednesday
Sep 19 Thevenin's and Norton's Theorems
video, notes
Proof of Thevenin and Norton's Theorems
pdf, link
Understantd this intuitively
HW10: Chapter 2: 7, 8, 9, and 10, due Friday
Sep 21 Review/Summary
video, notes
Quiz 4 No HW
Week 5 Sep 24 More Examples on all the circuit theorems/methods/techniques
video, notes

Re-do HW10 if you didn't do it correctly
due Wednesday
Sep 26 Dependent Source
video, notes
Dependent Source in LTSpice HW11: Chapter 3: 1
due Friday
Sep 28 More Dependent Source/Examples
video, notes
Quiz 5
Week 6 Oct 1 Summary/Introduction to Operational Amplifiers I
video, notes

Oct 3 Operational Amplifiers II
video, notes
A make-up video for making an Op Amp in LTSpice
How to make a quick OpAmp in LTSpice HW12: Chapter 3: 7
due Friday
Oct 5 Midterm review I
video, notes
Quiz 6
on Norton's equivalent
Quiz 7
on voltage divider/current divider/parallel resistors
No HW, re-do all the quiz/HWs and prepare for the Midterm
Week 7 Oct 8 Midterm review II
video, notes
No HW, re-do all the quiz/HWs and prepare for the Midterm
Oct 10 Midterm exam No HW
Oct 12 Midterm summary, Op Amps III
video, notes
Week 8 Oct 15 Op Amps IV
video, notes
The derivation for the difference amplifier was correted in the notes but not in the video HW 13: Chapter 3: 10 and 11
due Friday
Oct 17 Instrumentation Amplifier
video, notes
HW14: Chapter 3: 12
due Monday
Oct 19 Capacitors I
video, notes
HW15: Chapter 4: 1 - 6, due Wednesday
Week 9 Oct 22 Capacitors II
video, notes
HW16: Chapter 4: 7, 8 and 9, due Friday
Oct 24 Inductors I
Oct 26 Inductors II
Week 10 Oct 29 Energy storage, Integrators
Oct 31 AC and Imaginary numbers I
Nov 2 AC and Imaginary numbers II 
Week 11 Nov 5 RMS, Phasors Transformers
Nov 7 Frequency Response I
Nov 9 Frequency Response II
Week 12 Nov 12 Bode Plots I
Nov 14 Summary/Examples
Nov 16 Summary/Examples
Week 13 Nov 19 Thanksgiving break
Nov 21 Thanksgiving break
Nov 23 Thanksgiving break
Week 14 Nov 26 PCB Design I
Nov 28 PCB Design II
Nov 30 PCB Design III
Week 15 Dec 3 Final exam review I
Dec 5 Final exam review II
Dec 7 No lectures
Week 16 Dec 10 Final Exam
Monday, 9:45 a.m
Dec 12
Dec 14