Courses taught at Fort Lewis College
Spring 2018
ENGR 337: Analog Electronics
ENGR 337L: Analog Electronics Labs
ENGR 104: Engineering Fundamentals II (data analysis/MatLab)

Fall 2017

ENGR 338, Digital Electronics  
ENGR 338L, Digital Electronics Laboratory
ENGR 104, Engineering Fundamentals II (data analysis/MatLab)

Courses taught at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Served as the TA for those courses)

Spring 2016
EE221, Circuits II
EE420L, Engineering Electronics II Lab

Fall 2015
EE421, Digital Integrated Circuit Design
EE421L, Digital Integrated Circuit Design Laboratory

Spring 2015
EE 420, Engineering Electronics II and Analog Integrated Circuit Design
EE 420L, Engineering Electronics II Lab

Fall 2014
EE 460L, Communications
CPE 200L, Computer Logic Design Lab II

Spring 2014
EE320, Engineering Electronics I,
CPE200L-S2, Computer Logic Design Lab II

Fall 2013
CPE100L-S2, Computer Logic Design Lab
CPE100-S1, Computer Logic Design
EE 360, Signal and Systems

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